1.17.16 - We've actually updated our news page!!!

We have 2 immediate points of interest to discuss.

1. MEGA MAN II V2 is finished!!! CDs and Digital Download are available. We have secretly been doing a complete overhaul of our Mega Band record, and if I don't say so myself, it sounds WAY better. We did far more than a 'remaster', we close to redid everything. We also recorded 2 new jams that we have added to our Mega Man II live performance. Check out a couple clips at our MERCH page. We are also planning a vinyl release of this. Mr. Noah McCarthy is working on a painting right now that will be used as the cover art for the vinyl release. So as soon as that is done, we'll send this sucker off to get pressed to vinyl as well.

2. PAX South Tour with The Protomen. We leave on friday to play the first show of our tour w/ the Protomen in Memphis, TN. All of the shows have been added to our TOUR page. We are sooo pumped that these fine folks are having us open for them to and from PAX South! Come out and hang with us! It looks as if we will be playing Mega Man II on this stretch to push our new Mega Man II record.

That's all we've got for now! Talk to ya soon!
1.03.12 - Hey there, Brigadiers!

Sorry. That's stupid. Don't call yourself a "Brigadier."

Bit Brigade is on the road to MAGFest again this year and we couldn't be happier about it. We made a lot of great friends last time and we can't wait to see you all again. We'll be doing some shows here and there around the South and hopefully coming to a gaming convention near you this year. If you want to see us, speak up about it! Tell PAX. Tell DRAGON*CON. Tell Your Mother. Tell everybody. We wanna do 'em all.

We've got a great new MegaBand-themed shirt designed by Noah that you'll see at MAGFest, and our old-but-still-good studio versions of songs from our first game we ever did, Contra, are now available digitally in the merch section. You can get the dang shirt there while you're at it, too, you ding-dong. Buy one for your girlfriend, they come lady-sized.

This year we plan to do an audio version of our MegaBand songs to replace the out-of-print MegaBand DVD. If you're lucky, we may finally get around to shooting the NinjaBand DVD as well. The more you poke and prod, the faster we get things done.

Alright. See you turkeys at MAGFest. Bring earplugs. It's going to be a loud Saturday night. There may or may not be a lot of whiskey and magic this weekend (there will be).
1.08.12 - Good news friends! As of 2011, Bit Brigade is up and running.

I'd first like to welcome our newest member, Jace Bartet, who is replacing Brion Kennedy on guitar. Jace is a great friend of Bit Brigade and is adding a great degree of new excitement to the band.

We just had the honor of playing MagFest 9 in Alexandria, VA this past January. Many thanks to all parties involved for including us as a part of this great fest.

In release news, we are putting the finishing touches on our Castlebandia studio album. This Castlebandia CD is essentially a professional audio recording of our Castlebandia live performance featuring 29 total tracks from Castlevania 1, 2, and 3 on the nes. They are available for preorder as of right now in our merch section.

More news and tour dates to come very soon!